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Help yourself to any of these totally free downloadable tools, tip sheets, essays, and the like. This list is always building, so subscribe to our RSS feed (up there, in the blue menu bar, to the right) and be sure not to miss a thing.

Humanus Publishing Scope and Focus Exercise (PDF)
This is a simple, one-page, letter-size document that you print out and use to decide what you’re going to include in your book, and more importantly, what you’re not going to include.

Use mini-size post-it notes to write all of your ideas on, and then move them around the page until you are happy with the order. Then, use the same method to prioritize information and decide on a heirarchy. This becomes your outline to write your book.

Useful as a steering document for the life of your project.

7 Steps to Your First Podcast (PDF)

This is a one-page primer on how to get ready for your first podcast. This is a very high-level document that will give you a big-picture view of what to expect from the experience, and recommends FREE tools to use for recording and deploying your podcast.

This document assumes that the user already has a WordPress blog from which to launch their podcast.

12 Steps to a Great Blog Post (PDF)

This two-page document is a follow up to our November 2008 BlogTalkRadio interview with Alexa Clark of, where we discussed both Peggy’s and Alexa’s Top 5 Blogging Tips for Authors. This list has all 5 tips mentioned on the air, plus 7 more, PLUS a 13th bonus tip. And, there are a variety of links to even more FREE tools that will help you achieve all of these items.

While not all of these tips are exclusive to Authors, there are a few areas that specifically relate to someone who is working to promote a book, either digital or tangible.