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Phone or in-person coaching: $149.00 USD per hour, includes an MP3 recording of your call to listen to over and over again. (Credit card only.) No commitment, just book an appointment when you need it, once a week, once a month, or once a year. To book an appointment, please email Appointment availability fluctuates depending on time of year and current workload.

To download a PDF containing tips, some self-prep questions, and details of how I work with clients, please click to: “Client Discovery Document“.


This table below shows my program offerings for coaching and pre-paying for services.

Number of Hourly Sessions Description Total
Single sessions as needed, in-person or virtually. We’ll talk project scope and development, project analysis and suggestions for improvement before beginning, specific marketing and development actions are recommended. $149 USD
3 Sessions booked together, max 3 month period. Save $10 per session, a total of $30, by pre-booking 3 sessions. May be split into two equal payments of $208.50. $417 USD ($139* p.s.)
6 Sessions booked together, max 6 month period. Save $15 per session, a total of $90 by pre-booking 6 sessions. May be split into two equal payments of $402.00. $804 USD ($134* p.s.)
12 Sessions booked together, max 6 month period. Save $20 per session, a total of $240 by pre-booking 12 sessions. May be split into two equal payments of $774.00. $1548 USD ($129* p.s.)
*Payment for multiple sessions can be split to a maximum of two payments in order to gain discount. Ie. $208.50 x 2 for a three-session package.


eBook formatting: priced on a job-by-job basis. Factors taken into account include word count, manuscript file format, and time frame. All editing is priced separately. Converting a previous print edition to eBook? No problem – that’s my specialty. Correcting strange errors in your eBook that happened when you uploaded it to Kindle? I do that sort of fix all the time. Only have an old file format of the book?  I have been known to work with all sorts of wacky file formats that have been rejected by other formatters, so let’s see what you’ve got. I can often figure out a way to make it work.

My basic fee structure.
For design or layout work on your eBook or print book, I will typically quote a unique price for your job, based on the work you would like me to complete. This price will remain firm unless the scope of the project changes dramatically. This price is unique to each client and the quote is valid for 30 days.
I price my services on a project-by-project basis rather than hourly, for several reasons:
– You have cost predictability. If you need to budget or get approval to begin the project, you’ll know up-front exactly what you’re getting into.
– The quote is tied to time frames for completion on my part, increasing your security as a client.
– The quote clearly outlines the source materials I will need to complete sections of the work, and when I will need that material, protecting me as the contractor.
– I can confidently budget the time and additional resources I will need to get the job done.

To read the terms and conditions that are at the bottom of all of my invoices, please click here.

All pricing updated as per Autumn 2015.


“My name is Tina Moore and I took Peggy’s class last June with a friend.  In less than a year my writing life has completely changed.  I was always a daily journal writer but because of Peggy’s class I was inspired, motivated and now had the knowledge to take my writing to a different level.  I met Renee Shupe at Peggy’s class who created a beautiful blog which I launched in September of last year.  Since that time I am getting hundreds of hits each week, and the numbers continue to grow.  I am getting searched by name and by blog title on a daily basis.  Because of my blog, I have also been hired as a writer for another company’s website and newsletter, so not only did I create my own following, I have also created INCOME.  I have completed my Ebook which is currently being edited and will be launched this spring. I am also in negotiations for some exciting business opportunities and speaking engagements.  All of these opportunities are a direct result of the information, inspiration and motivation I received from Peggy’s class.
You will NOT be disappointed.  She will give you the information and then it’s up to YOU to run with it!”
– Tina Moore of

July_Ono“Peggy, thank you soooo much for coming tonight and providing such amazing clarity for me. I have been struggling (mentally) with this whole RSS Feed, Podcasting, Blogging thing and receiving all these oft-times contradictory opinions. Do it this way. Do it that way. …You’ve really inspired me Peggy. Your message kicked me into marketing action.”

– July Ono, Real Estate Investor, Trainer, and Owner of On The Beach Education Corporation


“You spent a couple of hours on the phone with me a few weeks ago reviewing my “Magnetic Real Estate Photography” book. I want to thank you immensely for your help. You were so fun to chat with and your ideas sent my imagination spinning. Your feedback and comments were invaluable to me. I still refer to the copious notes I took during our conversation. Thank you for being so generous with your thoughts and time. Connecting with you was a really great “shot in the arm.”

– Carla Johnson, Author of “Magnetic Real Estate Photography

Joan_Craven“I highly recommend Peggy as a coach when you decide to incorporate any ‘new’ technology into your marketing mix. Peggy has worked with me to set up my website using Word Press as well as incorporating other technology pieces. We ran into numerous glitches however Peggy’s positive can-do attitude and ability to take technical information and make it understandable was remarkable. I will continue to go to ‘Coach Peggy’ for all my new technology needs.”

– Joan Craven, Author and Speaker, Owner of Craven Communications and Creator of