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Peggy Richardson

Speaking and Workshops

Peggy Richardson: standing at the intersection of technology and publishing.

Speaker short bio:

Peggy Richardson is a publishing consultant with well over 350 eBooks and books to her credit. She coaches authors and offers eBook and printed book formatting services from her home base in the area of Nanaimo, Canada.

I offer the following talks to business and networking groups:

(An overhead projector and live Internet connection are required for all presentations. If this is an issue, please call and alternate arrangements can usually be made.)

 1) Common Questions About the eBook Business (60 minutes)

If you’re thinking about writing an eBook, but you’re not sure what you’re getting into, let me address my top 10 questions from new clients. From things like, “How much money can I make?”, to, “What will I really need to do to market this thing?”, and “Do I need to hire a graphic designer?”, we’ll get real about some of the unclear parts of this business. You’ll come away knowing exactly what you’re getting into. A free download accompanies this talk, with tools to help you form your own “mindmap” of how your project will progress.

2) You’ve Written an eBook – Now What? (60 minutes)

We all know that the writing of an eBook is only 10% of the job – so how do we sell the thing without working ourselves to death? There are many marketing tools for eBook authors, but some are better than others. Let’s talk about the things you should do RIGHT NOW to jumpstart the process. This talk is based on my own eBook titled “Kindle Jumpstart – 19 Strategies and Marketing Actions to do on”.

Let’s work together! Call Peggy at 250-325-2055, or email