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Marketing for Self-Publishing: Another Interview With Alexa Clark

August 26th, 2008 . by Peggy

Alexa Clark of Plethora PressThis is my second podcast interview with Alexa, and once again, Alexa spills her guts about marketing your self-published books through the traditional bookselling channel. This one’s definitely worth a listen!

For anyone just starting out on their self-publishing journey, or anyone who is struggling with the bookstore sales part of their self-publishing venture, this interview is a combination pep-talk, crossed with “here’s what to do” type of interview. Download this one to your .mp3 player and listen while you walk or drive.

I really love doing interviews with Alexa, mostly because she’s just so darn easy to talk to, and she doesn’t hold anything back!! Your success is her success – she’s been in the trenches, and she’s happy to share her knowledge and experience. Thanks again Alexa!

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Podcast: Interview with Alexa Clark

July 29th, 2008 . by Peggy

Alexa is the genius (will she laugh when she reads that?) behind the Cheap Eats series based in Toronto and Ottawa. The above player links to the promised .mp3 of our conversation last week, where we talk about social media marketing, and her experience of how that works best for promoting books.

As Alexa states: “The biggest thing about social media that it really is social. The nature of the technology is designed to build a relationship and have a conversation, and by extension, to build a community. It’s about conversing with you, to you and about you. The online community is becoming more rarified around shared experience and attitude.”

This interview turned from a 10-minutes-or-less quickie into a really deep 33 minute discussion about her philosophy around social media marketing. I’ll try to schedule more of these conversations with Alexa, because she’s a true road scholar in the world of book marketing. I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I did!

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Free Books for Bloggers

July 10th, 2008 . by Peggy

I had a lovely chat today with Alexa Clark, of Plethora Press in Ontario. Alexa is the clever taste tester behind the Cheap Eats series that has become so popular in Ottawa and Toronto, and she is now also the creator of

Alexa recently started to follow me on Twitter, and when I backtracked to find out what she was up to, I was very interested in MBE, and how it works. Essentially, Alexa’s site provides a link between interested bloggers and those who create interesting books. Publishers offer their books through her site, bloggers claim a copy to read (which is then sent to them free of charge), and then once the blogger has finished reading their copy, their job is to talk about what they read. Not a review, per se, but a friendly discussion a la social media. Neato.

Our conversation was cut short by a local power outage, (oh brother) but Alexa has kindly agreed to let me interview her later this month about MBE, and her thoughts on book marketing. This will be an .mp3 of our phone interview, and will be released by July 28th at the latest, here on this blog. Be sure to subscribe at right, and you’ll be updated when it’s available.

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